*** Update 1st June 2011 ***

Since writing this review there have been a number of issues reported regarding the discounts offered by this supplier.  Here at ECR we like to satisfy our readers and assure them that we strive to provide real reviews and competitive prices from our suppliers.  With this in mind may we suggest that instead of buying the Tornado Tank you consider the Liberro Zenith Amo which is fully compatible and camparable with the Tornado Tank.  Read our review here…


The “Tornado Tank” by Totally Wicked as its names suggests is a beast in the electronic cigarette world.  Boasting a 1.2ml tank it is capable of delivering the equivalent of 10-12 cigarettes on a single cartridge before refilling or changing is required.  The battery is also built for business at 650mAh which will give even a heavy vaper 6 hours of use.

The starter kit comes with everything you need to convert to electronic cigarettes without the worry of being caught short and having to go back to analogues.  Two batteries means you will never be without power.  Two atomisers.  A USB charger with mains adaptor for additional flexibility and 5 pre-filled cartridges to get you going (equivalent to 50-60 cigarettes) and once they run out they are refillable with your choice of eliquid (available separately)

As looks go, they don’t get cooler than the Tornado.  It doesn’t try to be an analogue in disguise… it comes in black.  A selection of colours are available for additional atomisers.  Other accessories are also available.

So now it comes down to performance.  How much vapour does it produce and can it deliver that throat hit that all vapers want?  Well, yes it does.  And then some!  This has got to be one of the best performing electronic cigarettes available to the UK market today.

As far as the price is concerned it is not the cheapest electronic cigarette available but its performance along with it being so well supported by Totally Wicked with their money back guarantee and being so well made, it proves to be good value for money.

It was a definite hit with us!  9/10 ECR Rating!

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